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Itís not just a look.

With my personable limited class size, each actor receives the camera time and one-on-one feedback that they deserve.

In addition to teaching you the skills that you will need, Killians Workshop is also a showcase for the actor. The final week's audition will be presented via DVD to several top commercial casting directors.

This is a great way to be introduced to casting directors and they love calling in actors from my workshop!

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Killianís Acting Workshop allows you to focus on the tools you need to ensure success in the competitive commercial acting market.

I address every aspect of the world of commercial casting in just four weeks. This is truly the only workshop an actor needs to begin their career, or put some new life into the career of the seasoned professional.

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Student Feedback

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Because of my comprehensive teaching approach actors with all levels of experience will benefit from the workshop.

Beginners and industry pros alike have gone through this process to fully utilize the potential of all that commercial acting has to offer.

Hear what my past students have to say about their time spent in Killianís Commercial Workshop.

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Spots They Landed

Watch the results.

I am committed to seeing every actor work! So many actors received auditions and bookings from the dvd that I present to the casting directors.

Many of the actors are now on the casting director's "1st call" list and I am constantly receiving calls from casting directors asking if I have anyone in mind for their current projects.

I have also helped dozens of non-repped actors get agents!!! Once you have attended one of my 4 week workshops agents and casting directors know that you are ready to book!

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