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In addition to teaching you the skills that you will need, Killian’s Workshop is also a showcase for the actor. The final week's audition will be presented to several top commercial casting directors.

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Workshop Testimonials

Megan D.

40 national commercials, a bunch of tv guest stars, and film premiere at Cannes since taking Killian's Workshop!

Carlin J.

Studying with Killian is a MUST; I've booked 7 commercials so far!

Dionne G.

In Killian's workshop you get tangible tools that you can take with you to every audition. I booked a National in his office right after class!   Finally an LA workshop with actual results!  Love me some Killian!

Pei Y

Killian's Workshop bluntly taught me very useful techniques for Commercial Auditions that  helped me increase my bookings significantly!

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